“The Republican Wing of the Republican Party”

Does AZRA need Bylaws? The answer is YES! Bylaws serve as the road map to success for our organization. They provide all members with the rules of the organization that they have agreed to abide by and ensure continuity between the Chapters and the Executive Committee. They also add stability to organizations that are in rapid growth as AZRA now enjoys.

Bylaws also provide solutions to issues that arise in every organization, large and small. Members should always strive to abide by the Bylaws that lay out what AZRA stands for and how business is conducted across all Chapters. These Bylaws were written by the Executive Committee and then presented to the Board of Directors, made up of the Chapter Presidents and all State Directors, where they were amended with the Board’s input. The amended Bylaws were then presented to the members at the annual AZRA Convention where they were adopted by the membership. Below is the link to the Bylaws that you can download onto your computer to have them at your finger tips when needed. Every member should be familiar with the organization’s Bylaws and refer to them frequently. AZRA BYLAWS ADOPTED MAY 2017



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